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BIM Alliance is association of likeminded companies and individuals striving to serve as the business/pragmatic voice for the entire construction industry, education community, and facility management who are adamant to use Building Information Modeling (BIM) technologies, methodologies, and practices.

Our Goal is to provide our professional, educational, construction, manufacturing and any other supply chain members with a unified view and guidance devoted to BIM. We provide our members with advocacy, learning opportunities and best practices for BIM in a Bosnia and Herzegovina framework while maintaining close ties with our international partners. Our members are actively engaged and provoked to vocalize their needs as we move toward developing an industry agreement on BIM.

The BIM Alliance Managing Board is there to serve the needs of its constituency. The board assembles the best experience in Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Building and Facility Management, Construction Law, Education, Business, and BIM Technology. We are openly seeking for opportunity to collaborate with other BIM organizations, professionals and industry stakeholders.

Our aim is to promote the advancement of BIM in B&H and in Balkans through participation in conferences, information sessions, symposiums, and round table events. We pledge to our members that we are going to be actively involved in any activity, and will initialize activities that promote and make BIM an industry standard.

We welcome new members (companies or individuals), that will help us to assemble skills and knowledge from various BIM supported businesses. Our strength is in numbers. All membership requests are evaluated and approved against the rulebook by the Managing Board in order to preserve excellence and ethics.

Founding Members

BIM Alliance was founded in September 2016 by ten companies from different sectors within construction, facility management and utility industry.

doxat d.o.o.


Electra d.o.o.

Electrical engineering

HMD Architects d.o.o.


Ismir Korjenić

Project Management - Consulting



normal arhitektura d.o.o.


OSNAP d.o.o.


PolyPlan BH d.o.o.


T&E d.o.o.


UNISAR d.o.o.

Security Systems

Walter d.o.o.

Digital Engineering



Geoinformation technologies

We are regional partners of BIM Academy Spain.

BIM Club

BIM Club is a network of BIM Alliance members who exchange knowledge and experience, share business ideas, and support each other in their projects.

A club member of Start It Smart benefits from:

  • Club and Mastermind Meetings - Ideas sharing, finding business advice, receiving feedback for your project and learning skills.
  • Trainings - Developing personal and business knowledge and skills from world-class experts.
  • Travel experiences - Discovering the secrets of different cultures and places in a unique way.
  • Exclusive events - Enjoying drinks with interesting people from the club network.
  • Mentorship - Professional, personal and business mentorship in a process of BIM adoption and beyond from another club member or world-class expert.

Additionally through their work in the BIM club each member receives:

  • Club Library - Access to books on BIM implementation, entrepreneurship and personal development.
  • Opportunity to work on new, interesting and developing projects
  • Access to entrepreneurial, business events, trainings, workshops and other services organised by our partners
  • Contacts with people from BIM entrepreneurial ecosystem through our network of speakers, partners and mentors


27 Nov 2018
BIM World Munich
21 Mar 2018
BIM Forum
24 May 2017
BIMalliance will visit "EU BIM Summit", Barcelona
19 May 2017
BIMalliance presentation at "Days of Architecture 2017" - Main stage - 03:15 PM
19 May 2017
BIMalliance will meet "GIZ - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit "
15 May 2017
BIMalliance initial contacts with BURCH University Sarajevo
23 Apr 2017
BIMalliance meetings at Istanbul Technical University
23 Apr 2017
BIMallianca meetings at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Istanbul
20 Apr 2017
BIMalliance visits "Civil Engineering - Geodesic High School" Sarajevo
07 Apr 2017
BIMalliance at "BIM World Implementation Strategies", Barcelona
03 Apr 2017
BIMalliance at "Building SMART - International Summit", Barcelona
09 Mar 2017
BIMalliance industry meetings
27 Feb 2017
BIMalliance interview at bimcommunity.com
20 Jan 2017
BIMalliance visits "BAU" Fair, Munich
12 Jan 2017
BIMaliance members meeting
07 Dec 2016
BIMalliance on-line presentation of e-ZIGURAT BIM education opportunities
02 Dec 2016
BIMaliance members meeting
15 Nov 2016
BIMalliance meets BIM Academy, Barcelona
04 Nov 2016
BIMaliance Members Meeting
20 Sep 2016
"What about BIM today round table for professionals in construction sector"
05 Sep 2016
BIM Alliance Initial Group Meeting
02 May 2016
BIM Alliance visited "BIM (2) Conference" ORIS - House of Architecture, Zagreb
25 April 2016
BIM Alliance (premature) Initial Group Meeting Sarajevo

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